Brain-Computer Music Interfacing

Hello, my name is Krisztián Hofstädter. This subdomain archives my PhD at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. More about me here, more about the research below.

drawing by Joo Hong Low

PhD abstract

This interdisciplinary, practice-based research develops a Brain-Computer Music Interface (BCMI) which reinforces brainwave patterns linked to meditative states of mind by giving auditory feedback. The proposed BCMI software employs the therapeutic benefits of neurofeedback (NF), gaming, music and meditation in order to be effective in helping users understand their cognition. The software’s effectiveness is investigated in training programmes and demonstrated in presentations and concerts with consumer-graded electroencephalography (EEG).


brain-computer music interfacing, brainwave entrainment, consciousness, consumer EEG, generative music, immersion, interactive soundscapes, learning, meditation, neurofeedback, neurogaming, OpenBCI, SuperCollider



A detailed logbook can be found in the file of the relevant GitHub repository: