Brain-Computer Music Interfacing

festival of ideas performance 2019

Oct 26, 2019

Title: NeuroMeditation with Music

Presentation, performance and drawing, Q/A

@ 2019, Cambridge Festival of Ideas


( video asap )


Plotting my EEG data

row 1: theta median FZ (grey) with threshold on 1.5 microVolts (black)

row 2: levels (blue triangles), theta median above threshold (green going down)

row 3: theta median above threshold in % (green steps)

row 4: theta median on P3 and P4 and their coherence below (green)

row 5: theta median on F4 and P4 and their coherence below (green)

these parameters controlled certain aspects of the music in real time

Drawing and Q/A:

Some interpretations of the journey: