Brain-Computer Music Interfacing

listening study 1

Nov 22, 2019

This survey attempts to collect effects of a soundscape for meditation supported by sonic driving. The sonic driving derives from the shamanic journey tradition, but is not specifically a shamanic journey. The estimated completion time is 30 minutes, including a 20 minute meditation.

(from survey introduction)

The soundscape tested, ‘jester’ can be found on the ‘shamanic soundscape - level two’ release.

A short overview of the analysis will be presented as part of the PhD commentary, in project_c. More detailed analysis will be presented later in a separate publication.


The data from the shamanic meditation survey (n=83) is currently being analysed with RAWGraphs.

Data in .csv formats from both listening study 1 and 2 are uploaded GitHub. Participants were asked to used nicknames, IP addresses were not collected. Participants were asked to provide email addresses if they were interested in updates regarding the study. These email addresses were also removed from the data uploaded to GitHub.